Testimonials > James Wilson – Mercedes ML

I’ve been a regular customer of Tim’s at Envy Car care for a few years. He has detailed all my cars since 2007. Its nice to use someone who not only is very capable at doing a great job but also understands about customer service.

In November he applied his nanolex window treatment to my c63 (he detailed it earlier in the summer) brilliant product. Has so far stopped the windows from icing up when the rest of the cars been frozen solid and my ML parked next to it is frozen up. Not to mention the appearance of jumping to hyperspace when driving at night in the rain. If you are having Tim work on your car get him to do this as well. For the small outlay it is well worth it.

Last Thursday night I dropped my ML round his house to be taken to “the unit” to be detailed. The car is only 3 months old but hasn’t been touched so was covered in the usual dealer half arsed attempts at applying some polish. Whilst it look ok it was brilliant. Tim spent Friday giving it a “new” car detail inside and out and also applied the nanolex to this one as well.

I had requested Tim to take a lot of pics throughout the process (its not like the ML is a massive car and he would be pushed to get it done in a day ) as I am very anal about my cars and like to know whats going on. He obliged. As it was late and therefore dark by the time he finished I had to settle on some inside shots he had taken at his unit. 2 words. Very Shiny!!!

Saturday morning when I got to finally see it in the light I wasn’t disappointed with the work. Brilliant, lovely shiny clean and free from the polishing marks applied FOC by the dealer prior to collection.

Looking forward to Tim taking my C63 away over the festive period to give it its winter detail!

Thanks Tim for all your hard work and effort and getting my cars in and cleaned!