The process explained!

Envy Car Care are able to offer you an unsurpassed service to both you and your vehicle.

Using a proven method of detailing which consists of 2 components: A pre wax cleanser followed by a wax.

Dodo Juice is very easy to apply and will not leave any white residue or build up along seams or in crevices. We invite you to try Envy Car Care for yourself and see how we can transform your vehicle.

This is NOT a quick wash and dry and will take in excess of 6 hours normally.


  • Wheels soaked with acid free wheel cleaner
  • Wheels cleaned inside and out with the famous Envy brushes
  • Door shuts etc soaked with APC, and agitated with brushes to clean the nooks and crannies
  • Vehicle snow foamed with our very own Bubbly Jubbly snow foam and allowed to dwell. Reducing the risk of swirl marks etc.
  • Rinsed then hand washed with the two bucket method, grit guards, pH neutral Envy shampoo and a Lambswool washmitt.
  • Once clean, the vehicle is de-contaminated for Iron fallout with Iron Awe, our own brand fallout remover.
  • Checked for tar deposits and de-tarred as necessary.

Paintwork protection:

  • Now the vehicle will be dried then decontaminated further with a clay bar. Removing any residual fallout such as tree sap, remaining iron deposits and tar. Leaving a silky smooth surface.
  • Application of a pre wax cleanser (be it made by Dodo Juice or Z, this helps remove tar, tree sap and old wax from car). This paint preserving solution contains heavy polishing oils that nourish the paint. Generally non-abrasive and leaves the paint feeling squeaky clean…..feel for yourself!
  • 3rd stage of paintwork protection is the application of a high grade carnauba wax, see below

The waxes we offer are:

Dodo Juice Waxes:

Light FantasticNo increase in premium
Rainforest rubNo increase in premium
Purple HazeNo increase in premium
Blue VelvetNo increase in premium
Supernatural£20 premium over other Dodo Juice waxes

Other/Specialist Waxes:

Saphir40% Carnauba
ScuderiaFerrari specific wax
Best of Show51% Carnauba (for that wet look glossy finish) (£20 premium over Saphir)
ConcorsoContaining 50% by volume of pure Brazilian non bleached and yellow carnauba wax, Concorso wax gives the best of show shine to the older classic car. (£20 premium over Saphir)
Mystery55% Carnauba (the ultimate and not offered elsewhere) (£50 premium over Saphir)
Crystal Rock76% collaboration with Paul Dalton. (£50 premium over Saphir)
DivineA wax of most exceptional quality containing over 60% by volume of ultra pure Brazilian white carnauba. It is made to order and this is the generic detailer version. (£75 premium over Saphir). Please note we have waxes made by the Z manufacturer of a similar standing to Divine so please ask if interested.
  • All tyres dressed with tyre dressing (a matt black finish)
  • All windows cleaned with a glass cleaner


  • Full interior vacuum.
  • Leather cleaned with a leather cleaner.
  • Leather fed with leather conditioner.
  • All windows, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner.
  • All plastics cleaned with a plastic wash solution.
  • All plastics sealed.

Do NOT wash your vehicle post valet using a detergent based shampoo as this may remove the wax and undo all our hard work!

Dodo Juice “Born to be Mild” and wax is available from us for £8.95 for 250ml. It is exceptional value for money

(Please ask at time of booking and we will make sure it is added to your order)

The wax will last for up to 6 months and we recommend a re-booking before this time. The process is as above but without the cleaner fluid application and the price is typically 1/3rd less than the initial detail.

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