Paint Correction

1) Scratches:

If your vehicle has sufficient paint depth (we carry a paint thickness gauge or PTG) it may be possible to wet sand the affected area then polish it with a progressive polish

2) Oxidation:

Is the hazy, milky surface you often see on older, single stage painted cars i.e. a red car that looks pink or orange!!

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It can occur with modern paints too though. This can be reduced by the use of cleaner fluids and machine polishing but we do also carry the Menzerna range of polishes such as Final Finish, Intensive polish and also Power gloss on board.

3) Swirl marks:

Put simply these are often caused by car washes or poor washing techniques. Grit is trapped in the wash materials and rubbed all over the vehicle and over a period of time results in poor paint reflections and what we know as a swirly vehicle.

Paint thickness and clear coat permitting these can be reduced and often fully removed by the use of a machine polisher and the use of modern polish formulas. When used correctly these will not result in buffer trails or holograms.

4) Buffer trails and holograms:

These are more often than not caused by poor machine polishing and can be dealt with like swirl marks.

Prices start at £450.