Pro Detailing

We are able to offer you many high end waxes from manufacturers such as Dodo Juice, Chemical Guys and other well known brands.

Prices for detailing are based upon the tried and tested methods of washing, claying, cleansing and protection (i.e. waxing) and are based upon using Swissvax Saphir wax

If you are considering more long lasting protection, we offer Futureproof+ Ceramic coatings for approx £150 more than a wax detail. This is a 5yr+ ceramic coating

Pro Detailing Prices

Our current prices are shown below. Unit based for the best job possible.

Wash/dry, re-wax etc packages available after initial valet. For the serious car collectors there are service contracts available – please contact us for further details.

Car Type Price
Mini, Fiesta,106 etc £200
Golf, Megane, Astra £250
3 series, Subaru, Evo’s, 350z, TT £275
Large saloon, BMW 5 series £300
BMW 5 series touring, mini SUV ie Freelander/Rav4 £350
Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin £350
Q7, X5, Range Rover, Discovery £375
Bentley/Rolls Royce £375

Pro Detailing Extras

Description Prices from:
Nanolex Glass treatment £40

Email us today for maintenance package prices at discounted rates

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