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Envy Car Care in Januarys AutoExpress

We were lucky enough to be featured in AutoExpress magazine. The article is attached but was a Pro-Valets feature on why its better to get your car detailer prepared, instead of dealership options when the car is new. Enjoy….

Scholl Concepts at Envy…since 2009!

Just a little reminder we carry Scholl Concepts polishes and products and have been since 2009. Check out the Envy Shop and look under the Scholl Concepts tab. Best wishes Tim

Envy Car Care Busy again!!

Hey all! Been keeping busy so have not got round to a lot of updating in the gallery etc. Have added a few today including a beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish S which has been subjected to 3 days of paint correction. A full internal detail and a coat of Crystal Rock to top it all… Read more »

V24 powerboats detailed…again

Myself and Barry from AutoDetox have just detailed 2 x V24 powerboats Both are for sale at £25,000 so if you need any further information on these MONSTERS just ask.

Pistonheads/Autosport International

Well, after 2 hards days of prepping in the freezing cold today saw Envy Valeting deliver the show car belonging to Simon Mabey to the NEC. The car was subject to an in depth protection detail before being delivered to the NEC by us. Upon arrival the car was cleaned by the Envy Valeting support… Read more »

Mito Marangoni show car

Whilst we were cleaning the show car for the SIDC stand we also managed to get our hands on the Alfa Romeo Mito belonging to Marangoni tyres. Hot off the press and the only 1 in the UK check it out!