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“I have never seen my car shine so much in all the time I’ve owned it! Mystery Wax brought out all the metallic flecks and character in the paint with such intensity I was left speechless. The whole car was spotless, cleaned and detailed impeccably, to the point where I didn’t want to drive it, for the risk of getting it dirty! Thanks for all your hard work Tim, very impressive and I’ll be booking in another appointment for my car very soon!”

Looking forward to seeing my pride and joy on your website very soon!

Many thanks



Hopefully I have the pictures with this testimonial in some sort of order that they makes sense with the words I’m cobbling together!

Todays car was a beautiful BMW in need of some TLC. I was faced with overspray inside and out and a pair of scratches that an attempted repair had got wrong (NOT me nor Mr Fern!). The overspray had been obtained from a thoughtless car repairer spraying outside. Wet and dry sand paper had been used. Regarding the wet and dry damage I had the agreement of the owner to give the Menzerna products a go. I used intensive polish followed by final finish. The wet and dry damage was much reduced. The scratches were still evident but nowhere near as obvious.
This picture is after cleaner fluid (normal strength) and application and buffing off of wax. Much better!

I now attacked the overspray (even found on the interior) using paint rubber and Quick finish and the surface was much improved. I continued along these lines until I was happy and the rest of the car was cleaned with cleaner fluid (normal strength).

The wax I decided upon for today was “Mystery”. The customer wanted Best of Show but I thought I’d give him 1 better!
The interior was hoovered and seats cleaned with Swissvax leather cleaner and milk. Plastics had plastic wash and protecton.
Tyres were dressed with pneu and the after pictures are at the top and a couple in the gallery section.

Thanks for looking!