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ceramic coating application

Idle pondering from yesterday as I polish the Golf…..

Dealership applied coatings:

Why do dealerships never seem to (disclaimer…not in my experience anyway) actually apply the coatings they try to sell you to their demonstrator models?

They will happily sell you a coating to a car they sell to you, but when given the choice to put it on their own cars; they don’t!

Now is it because they don’t believe in the product, don’t believe in the staff who apply it or cant afford the process/product price?

I have had a few cars in lately where they are pretty much as new and although in theory have had a coating applied as an “extra”, there is absolutely NO evidence of it remaining at all, and the prices the customers have paid beggars belief. The look on their faces when they ask me what I’d have charged is always a picture as typically its 1/3rd of what the dealer would

As I said, idle musings as I work my magic.

Anyone else ever considered this?