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Alex – Alfa Romeo

Hi Tim, I just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you put in yesterday sorting out my Alfa., it’s very much appreciated! It looks even better today with no swirls in direct sunlight, the red looks really deep and wet! Just what I was hoping for! I just have to… Read more »

Hotrod – VW Golf GTI Edition 30

Hi Tim, Many thanks for the excellent detail, I do appreciate the care and attention you took over my baby. Shame there’s a thunderstorm overhead at the moment, but never mind at least it’s got proper protection now. I will be in touch again soon… good work Tim! Kind regards… Steve I have also copied and… Read more »

Matt – BMW E90

Tim Bomford of Envy Valeting came out to my car late last year and subjected it to almost a days worth of cleaning, waxing, polishing, buffing, spraying and so on. The results were amazing, so amazing that he’s just been back after the suggested three months gap to give it a touch-up and its look… Read more »

Mike Harris – Volvo V40

Just a quick note to thank you again for an excellent job on my T4 – it hasn’t looked this good for ages! Kind regards Mike Harris

Gordon and Holly Lockyer | SOC

www.skyline-owners-club.com WOW , what more is there to say , I always take pride in cleaning and waxing my car and thought that it came up rather good ,BUT Tim did a fantastic job completely different league he spent hours making sure every part was perfect, which i can confirm he succeeded. Just amazing results… Read more »

Jon Fern – BMW E46

“I have never seen my car shine so much in all the time I’ve owned it! Mystery Wax brought out all the metallic flecks and character in the paint with such intensity I was left speechless. The whole car was spotless, cleaned and detailed impeccably, to the point where I didn’t want to drive it,… Read more »