SiRamik SC Wheels


SC Wheels, market leading ceramic coating for your alloy wheels.

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Now available is SiRamik’s first version of Wheels, a dedicated ceramic coating for Wheels.

SiRamik – Wheels is an extremely capable product with it’s formula making this a superb ceramic coating for wheels, brake calipers and exhaust, with a very high glass content Wheels sets very hard and is extremely easy to keep maintenance of said coated surfaces a breeze to clean.

30ml kit contains the following and will coat 2 sets of alloys if not more depending upon size & design of wheels with one coat or one set or one set of alloys with 2 coats.

Kit contains:

– SiRamik Wheels (30ml Ceramic Wheel Coating)

– Application Cloths x4

– Edgeless Microfibre Cloth x1

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